What would you like to see an Akso tutorial on?

Since @nsm is doing OK and is back with us, I’m thinking about doing some more Akso tutorial videos! What would you like to see me address?

I was thinking about doing a MIDI one, but I know a lot of people (including me) are having a hard time with MIDI communication in ways that can’t be addressed with a tutorial.

I’d love to continue doing super basic stuff. What do you want to learn how to do?


I guess a good overview, intro to in/outs, any good points that need to be addressed (like for instance that as we recently found out that if you want to send CV out you need to invert the values), things like that.

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as nic promised to fix the inverted CV, i´d be hesitant to put that in a tutorial.
but otherwise covering CV In/Out would probably interest some people. stuff like akso can be powered from USB and still generates a full +10V, the two CV modes (-5V - +5V and 0 - +10V), the necessity for conv/interp if one goes from blue to red signals…
personally i havn´t looked into adding MIDI I/O ports yet, so that could also be interesting…but i just don´t know the state of affairs.

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This might be very specific / selfish but I would like someone to show me how I can connect and use an audio pulse signal (like from a volca) as clock-input to the akso

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Yeah, that’s a good idea. I imagine that would be pretty short. But the inverted CV (which I probably encountered and assumed it was my mistake, since that’s my favorite mistake to make) seems really important for people to understand.

Sweet! It’s the same clock signal for a Pocket Operator and lots of other gadgets. Sounds like a fun little project!

Hey, you should check out my tutorials so far! I’ve done CV in, but not out so far.

It’s ok for a tutorial to discuss a bug. The tutorial should just say that the bug is there, but might be gone with a later release. The rest of the tutorial would be the same no matter what.

Your first tutorials were really helpful for me. Great to have that type of visualization even after having read about it.

As you mentioned wanting to cover some of the super basic stuff, I would love a tutorial on actually wiring it up to be powered from a typical eurorack power board, if you have the parts handy. I have never wired up power to a eurorack module and although there is some coverage of that in the forum here and elsewhere, I am still intimidated!

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Oh, that’s super easy! It runs on the 5V rail. My rack is all sorts of kooky but it’s still compatible.

Also, I’m glad the videos helped! I’ll try to not spontaneously change audio levels next time.

Right. I see now that the +5V pin is labelled on my eurorack power board. So is it actually as simple as, there are just 2 connections, one goes to one of the +5V pins on the power board (and to VI) and one to the ground (and ground on akso), and I could literally make those connections with two jumper wires? Just on the top row of pins, ignoring the second row and all the other pins on the power board connection? Or does it require the typical black box header? That thing confuses me.

I appreciate the help. It takes me forever to grasp anything to do with electronics.

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Yeah, you can do it with jumper wires. The black box connector just keeps them in the right position for the Eurorack standard.

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I didn’t know Nicolas was unavailable for some, I hope he’s good…
So maybe that’s the reason he stopped answering my emails about the defective unit I received ?
his last message from December 12th : “Let me review the rest of the numbers to see what we should verify next.”
and silence since then, despite me kindly reminding him…

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Yeah, he stuck his head in the other day for a bit. I’ll keep doing videos to support people who have or get them, and I’ll continue doing other electronic sound things as well. It’s worth it for me to do them because it helps other people learn and I love teaching.

This is a big hint that you should subscribe to my channel, btw.

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I’d love to see a tutorial on how to setup Gate and CV in for control from Eurorack. (1v per octave) The MIDI in is nice, but I’m planning on building a module around this guy, and that would be a great start. (We figured out how to do it on the Terminal Tedium - a raspberry pi based eurorack module) and I can only imagine what this one can do.

I’ve already covered that a bit!

I’m not putting much work into the Akso videos because it doesn’t feel like I’ll be able to reach many people with it, since the board’s design doesn’t volume scale well.

That said, I’m doing some other neat stuff, working on a video about Syntaxis μModular right now.

Might do one about a CV module designed to safely share CC between musicians, if this design works out.

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I just subscribed but maybe I missed the 1v/o stuff. I’m going to watch the CV in video again to see if maybe I missed the concept. Definitely interested in what other modules you are working on as well.

Not sure what this is about, but are you talking CV-to-MIDI CC messages?

No, I’m talking about me plugging my weird-ass, hacked together modular into yours without either of us blowing anything up.

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