Where can I get the patcher and how to get it to work?


I’ve looked around and I’m missing this crucial, yet very basic, information.
What I’ve done so far:

  1. went to Github (https://github.com/zrna-research/akso)
  2. Downloaded a zip file of the code

What next?

I’ve found the following information from Axoloti, but is this applicable?

" Getting started on Windows

Assumes you have installed from source or downloaded a precompiled binary.

Install DFU driver

To flash firmware with the DFU method, you need to install the libusbK driver for the “STM32 Bootloader” device (you get this device by holding button S1 while connecting the USB cable). Use zadig to install the “libusbK” driver for the “STM32 Bootloader” (vendor = 0x0483, product = 0xdf11). Enable options->list all devices to be able to select the “STM32 Bootloader”.

Launching Axoloti

Open (doubleclick) Axoloti.bat

Compiling the firmware

Select menu “Board”, submenu “Firmware”, item “Compile firmware”.

Uploading the firmware

Get the board in DFU-mode (hold button S1 while plugging the USB cable). Select menu “Board”, submenu “Firmware”, item “Upload firmware with DFU”. Flashing takes a few minutes.



You’re ready to use Axoloti. Next time, you can just start Axoloti and click connect, no need to compile or flash firmware again."

Have you seen this?


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I had completely missed that. Will try it now! Thanks @spacelordmother

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No problem! Mine (2nd hand) should be here today, so I’ve been digging all around trying to be ready for when it gets here. :smiley:

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Mine just arrived!

I downloaded the patcher the other day and it seemed to run just fine on my laptop. I wanna try and see if it connects and works as promised. So excited!