Will I need to install a separate patcher app?

Can the akso be used with the very same installation of the existing Axoloti patcher app?

If not, is the new one available yet or when will it become available?

Hi @ivofx,

Akso uses a separate software distribution that I’ve prepared specifically for the new hardware. This includes new firmware and modified versions of both the patcher app and the object libraries. It will be available for download before boards reach you, and installation instructions will be covered in a Quickstart guide. All of the source code will be available on Github as well.

The new hardware is compatible in the sense that the vast majority of existing Axoloti objects and patches work directly without modification. The intent is for it to be able to run any existing patch or object.

The previous distribution of the patcher app is not compatible with the new hardware.

It is theoretically possible that in the future we’ll be able to support both versions of the hardware from the same patcher application, but in the beginning it will be easiest to manage development having a version of the app specific to the new hardware.


Sounds great, thank you @nsm :slight_smile:

Does the software live update or does it all have to be compiled after changes are made as in the v1 axoloti software?

It is based on 1.0.12, and works the same.

Is MacOS Catalina supported with the new software? It looks like Axoloti doesn’t support Catalina which is a big eek as I can’t downgrade…

@forrest There’s a known workaround for the old version of the patcher: http://community.axoloti.com/t/issue-with-mac-os-catalina/6134/39

I was actually on this thread. I’m @urklang over on the original forums.

My release of the patcher will support Catalina.


I tried the install on Big Sur on my Apple Silicon machine, I didn’t expect anything to work in particular, but it did all work up to the point of compiling to the board.

ie: Loaded the sine wave tutorial. So everything working up the going ‘live’

This didn’t surprise me at all. I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do (as I have the AS machine) at this point to make this compile, but I’ll probably have to use an older Mac in the meantime as I’ll need to do that for my older Axoloti boards.

-o /Users/me/Library/Akso/build/xpatch.h.gch
cc1plus: internal compiler error: in darwin_gt_pch_use_address, at config/host-darwin.c:51
libbacktrace could not find executable to open
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <https://gcc.gnu.org/bugs/> for instructions.
make: *** [/Users/me/Library/Akso/build/xpatch.h.gch] Error 1
Compiling patch failed.
shell task failed, exit value: 2