Yord Lead 2 - Synth

Hey there,

I know this forum is kind of niche now but just to let you know I made a synth patch for Akso. It’s heavily inspired by the Nord Lead 2 from Clavia.
Lots of workarounds but I ended up make it work 100%. If someone is interested in testing it before I share the patch, let me know.


Sounds great! Can all parameters be changed by MIDI?

Yes. It’s all CC implemented. It’s using 2 MIDI channels. One for each slot. You can have a different sound per slot.

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Nice, that way you can realize presets by sending MIDI dumps?

Absolutely. I had to add a little bit of delay between chunks of CCs to avoid flooding the Akso.
The only thing is that it only works with a computer. The USB host port is broken on the Akso. So you can’t use the synth as standalone unfortunately.

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